Cairns Target Shooting Club - Facilities

Cairns Target Shooting Club - Facilities.

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Check out our facilities.
Indoor 10m air pistol/rifle range. Indoor 10m Range suitable for
air pistol & air rifle matches.
Can be used in all weather.
Day or night time use allowed.
10 bay capacity.
Outdoor 25m Range suitable for
Standard, Centrefire, Rapidfire
Sport pistol and 25m Blackpowder matches.
We have 4 25m ranges
3 with turning target holders.
Digital timers & undercover firing line.
Outdoor 25m pistol range.
Service Pistol Range. Wide 50 yard range.
Used for Service pistol & WA1500 shooting
with 6 sets of turning target holders.
25 yard Service match is one of the popular service matches. Concentrating for a good shot.
Service & WA1500 Action. WA1500 & Service matches are becomming very popular.
Some of our members represent on State and National Squads.
Outdoor 50m Range suitable for
50m Pistol, 50m Blackpowder
Outdoor 50m pistol range.
Clubhouse. Large clubhouse with bar & toilets.
Large shady verandahs to enjoy a cool drink
and a chat after a friendly competition
on the range.
Kitchen and BBQ facilities also available.
Black Powder Shooters
Practising the Dark Art.
Black Powder Shooters performing the Black Art.